Heatseeker Project

DynElectro is proud to announce the results from the InnoBooster project ‘Styringsmetode til Højtemperaturelektrolyseanlæg – Heatseeker ‘ conducted together with DTU Energy, funded by  InnoBooster, case no. 8062-01638B.

In the project a model is developed and used to simulate temperature and thermomechanical stress in SOEC stacks operated with the patented AC:DC operation technology (developed in the AC:DC and DynEl projects). The model was used to find optimal operation conditions for AC:DC operation for SOEC stacks. The model was used to obtain a detailed understanding of the AC:DC method and find optimal operation conditions for the operation method. Further, the method is used to demonstrate that conventional thermal balancing of SOEC stacks can be avoided, i.e. that a large air-flow can be avoided to control the stack temperature. This reduce system complexity and related cost of balance-of-plant components.

Further, sulphur adsorption/desorption during ACDC operation was modeled, and test results from single cell and a 1 kW test was analysed. The model was used to describe optimal frequency, shape and amplitude for the ACDC operation method for maximized SOEC lifetime, reduction of thermomechanical stress, and sulphur tolerance.

The model results are expected to be published in 2021 in a high-impact journal.

Fig. 1 | Modelling of a 30-cell SOFCMAN stack with conventional and electrothermally balanced operation. a Impedance measured on an SOFCMAN 302 stack. Frequency in Hz is shown for the red data points. b Simulation of the current using AC:DC operation. c ENernst, temperature and current for conventional operation. The average current density is -0.13 A/cm2 d  ENernst, Temperature and current for AC:DC operation. The average current density is -0.16 A/cm2. Note the difference in the slope of temperature and current density in c and d.

Project Info:

InnoBooster project ‘Styringsmetode til Højtemperaturelektrolyseanlæg – Heatseeker‘

Mar 2019 - Mar 2020

485.000 DKK) under

"Innovation Fund Denmark."

Case no. 8062-01638B.